Inktober 2017 Day 8: The One with the “Crooked” Frame

Inktober 2017 Day 8: The One with the “Crooked” Frame

Can you guess what television show the drawing is referencing? Click the post title to see if you got it right!

In this post:

  • The Origin of The One with the “Crooked” Frame
  • Preliminary Sketches
  • Final Drawing


“Crooked.”  One of the first images that crossed my mind when seeing the prompt was a set of teeth with braces on them.  I already find it difficult enough to draw straight teeth, so I scrapped that idea without even going to the sketching stage.

I then got so excited for the next idea that I went straight to the inking stage.  As you’ll see in the next section, that drawing ended up being completely different from the final one.


The drawing that I went straight to the inking stage for was of a palm tree.  I was thinking that I never see straight palm trees, thus making them the perfect subject for the “crooked” prompt.  Upon finishing the drawing, I realized that I would describe palm trees as more curved than crooked.

I then resolved to draw a crooked picture frame.  I wanted to put a simple drawing inside the frame and quickly decided on a coffee cup.  The coffee cup reminded me of Friends, so I tried making the frame look like the one in Monica’s apartment.  Ultimately, I ended up choosing to draw a regular frame because (1) I wasn’t getting the shape quite right and (2) I thought that the straight frame would accentuate the crookedness.


The last touch that I added was a handle on the coffee cup.  I like imagining that Monica would straighten this frame if it were hanging in Central Perk.  Hope you enjoyed today’s Inktober drawing.  Make sure to come back tomorrow for Day 9!

Thanks for reading!

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