Inktober 2017 Day 7: The Spider Who is “Shy” Says Hi

Inktober 2017 Day 7: The Spider Who is “Shy” Says Hi

There once was a spider who never said a word… Click the title to read about how I came up with the concept for today’s prompt!

In this post:

  • The Origin of The Spider Who is “Shy” Says Hi
  • Preliminary Sketches
  • Final Drawing


“Shy.”  The challenge that I faced today was how to convey an emotion. “What exactly does it mean to be shy?” The way that I decided to go about this was to draw a character that embodies shyness. There are characters already in existence like Violet from The Incredibles and of course Bashful from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. After drawing a few sketches, inspiration hit in the form of a children’s book and an emoji.


First, I tried drawing Violet, but I had some difficulty coming up with an idea that would properly show that she is shy.  I thought about the scene where she hides behind a wall after Tony Rydinger looks at her.  However, as I’ve said in previous Inktober posts, drawing faces isn’t currently a friend of mine.  Next I tried drawing Violet wearing headphones, but I thought that it made her look more detached than shy.

Following Violet, I tried drawing an original character.  Because of my affinity for alliteration, I came up with a character called, “The Shy Sheep.”  I quickly realized how creepy the sheep looked and discarded that idea.

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Luckily for me, I happened to be looking at emojis and saw the spiderweb emoji 🕸. It reminded me of Charlotte’s Web, and I thought of drawing a shy spider who could only bring himself to communicate through his webs.  At first, I had the spider writing the word “shy” but felt that it was too obvious and settled on the word “Hi.”


As seen in the preliminary sketches section, I was struggling with how to draw the spiderweb and where to place the word “Hi.” After referencing this handy website for kindergarteners on how to draw spiderwebs, I drew the final piece and found a place for the word “Hi.”  Hope you enjoyed today’s Inktober drawing.  Make sure to come back tomorrow for Day 8!

Thanks for reading!

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