Inktober 2017 Day 10: A “Gigantic” Panda

Inktober 2017 Day 10: A “Gigantic” Panda

Well you’ve heard of the giant panda, so here’s a gigantic one. 🐼 Click on the post title to read about how I ended up drawing a panda for today’s prompt!

In this post:

  • The Origin of A “Gigantic” Panda
  • Preliminary Sketches
  • Final Drawing


“Gigantic.”  When looking at the prompt, I thought of the upcoming Disney movie based on “Jack and that Beanstalk.” There’s not too much information about that movie yet, so I thought of other things like Titanic.  Shortly into planning today’s drawing, I looked at my handy mini panda notebook and got the idea to enlarge a giant panda to become gigantic.


Since I was basing my drawing on my mini panda notebook, I thought that it would be relatively easy to make something that at least resembled a panda. This brings me to another lesson that Inktober has reinforced: Proportions matter. In my 1st attempt, I made the eyes too close together and the semi-circle ears weren’t wide enough.

I wasn’t please with my 2nd attempt either, so I made the black part of the panda’s eyes less circular to match what I’d seen on real pandas.


To differentiate my panda as a gigantic one, I gave him a bundle of fully grown bamboo stalks. Additionally, I shaped his tiny hands to look like Pusheen’s hands do when he holds a donut.  Hope you enjoyed today’s Inktober drawing.  Make sure to come back tomorrow for Day 11!

Thanks for reading!

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